The trust of our customers is a fundamental value in Zeronovewine and that is why we will never abuse it and that we will scrupulously respect their privacy.

The objective of Zeronovewine is to facilitate purchases for its customers, so that they are as agile as possible, we must request some personal data, which we will keep and protect with the utmost zeal.

Of course, we would also like to take advantage of your contact to offer you some commercial advantages from time to time or announce promotions to make your purchases more frequent, collect information to personalize and facilitate your navigation, or for statistical purposes that help us to be more competitive.

We are a store and we want to sell, we will not deceive you either! But we will always do it in moderation and if a piece of information is not essential, we will tell you, and if any communication does not interest you, we will stop bothering you with it. In the same way, we hope that our clients are honest with us as well and that they help us achieve our goal, providing us with the necessary data in a correct, complete and precise way.

This is the summary of our commitment and the basis of our privacy policy. For more details, we invite you to continue reading. We hope we have written as clearly as possible.

Who is responsible for the processing of my data?
All the personal information collected on the Zeronovewine pages is incorporated into various data files under the responsibility of Zeronovewine, owner of the Zeronovewine brand.
Zeronovewine, is an autonomous company in the name of Chirico Giuseppe, works only in Spain with the NIE Y3663609E and with address in calle Guadalete, 2, 29603, in Marbella (Malaga). The delegate for data protection is Chirico Giuseppe.
All data collected will be treated in accordance with Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights, and Regulation 2016 / 679 of the European Parliament and the Council, of April 27, 2016, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).
What kind of data is collected?
The data collected on the different Zeronovewine pages are of two types: data provided by the user and data collected automatically during navigation.

In the case of data These are collected confidentially and directly from the user, through the different forms available on the site, or also through messages freely sent by the user to any of the published contact addresses. These data are: email address, name and surname, delivery and billing addresses, contact telephone number, bank card details, date of birth and password, of which only some are essential for the provision of the service.

In the case of the data collected automatically, we find the following: access IP address; device (computer, mobile phone or tablet), operating system and browser used; and registration of visits and browsing history obtained through own and third-party cookies.
For what purpose will my data be used?
The email address registered to subscribe to the Zeronovewine Newsletter will be used only to send you newsletters with offers and promotions, news and all kinds of news related to the world of wine and products for sale at Zeronovewine.

The email address registered to be notified of the availability of an out of stock product at this time will be used only to inform you of this new availability. 

The email addresses registered to share with a third person some information published in Zeronovewine will be used only to send said information to the indicated recipient.

The email address registered for place an order, as well as other personal data necessary for the provision of the requested service (process and deliver the order in accordance with the specified characteristics), will only be used for that purpose and to keep the customer informed about the status of your orders placed in Zeronovewine, to inform you of any aspect related to your purchases, subscriptions to services or with all your personal data, such as, for example, warn you of possible errors or expiration dates of data or services, or inform you of an update of the data protection regulation. As a complement to the main provision of the service, the delivery of the order, Zeronovewine will also use your email to send you, in a controlled and punctual manner, some commercial advantages and complementary services, a use that you can oppose at any time without prejudice to the main purpose. 

In no case, none of this data will be used to send you advertising nor will it be transferred to third parties with the exception of those with whom Zeronovewine maintains a valid contract necessary to comply with the contract, that is, payment platforms and transport companies. The evaluation service is also managed by an external company (Trusted Shops); In this case, and only if the client decides to use said service, Zeronovewine will transfer his email address and the order reference to the contracted company for management purposes and to verify possible subsequent evaluations. Zeronovewine, takes in each of these cases the necessary measures to guarantee the privacy of its users' data during its treatment in the hands of third parties.

The access IP address is used to offer the user the most appropriate service based on their geographical area during navigation and to collect information for statistical purposes of Zeronovewine in order to improve its services. This data is not transferred to third parties, except in the case of an external company in charge of preparing a fraud risk analysis for bank card transactions.
Knowledge of some technical aspects involved in browsing Zeronovewine ( device, operating system and browser used ) is used in order to adapt our services to each user and for statistical purposes, which in no case are facilitated to third parties.
The information collected through cookies while browsing is used for various purposes (see Cookies policy ):

- to identify the user , preserve their decisions, allow them to complete a purchase process and offer you a more personalized navigation on our site; it is not possible to place an order in Zeronovewine with site cookies blocked;

- to track visits and compile a browsing history that allows certain external service providers or advertising companies to offer personalized Zeronovewine content when visiting other sites that support advertising; these cookies are not necessary to perform orders in Zeronovewine, do not contain personal data and you can avoid them by modifying the co nfiguration of your browser, marking never accept third-party cookies.
Can I refuse to provide some of my personal data?
In Zeronovewines you will be prompted for few data and most of them are indispensable to provide the service offered and requested by the user. The optional data are indicated as such, as well as their purpose, and in these cases you do not have to indicate them if you do not want to.
Will my data be transferred to third parties?
As a general rule, your data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except legal obligation or to complete the provision of the contracted service , As indicated above and always in a controlled manner, giving only the essential data in each case and ensuring before they comply with current regulations on data protection.

In the event that the user uses our pages to recommend any of the products published to one of his contacts, the user must know that Zeronovewine will include his address as the sender of the information in order to so that the recipient knows who the recommendation received comes from.
Will I be able to modify or delete my data?
As the owner of the data, the user has right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of their personal data; Also right to limit or oppose their treatment . This means that at any time the user can access them to see what data we keep, correct or delete them, either, depending on each case, directly requesting it by email to the address , either in writing addressed to the following address:

Data Protection
C / Guadalete, 2 - 29603 - Marbella - Malaga (Spain) 

As the owner of the data, you have the right to request a copy of all the information collected and receive it in an accessible format.

If, after contacting us, you do not receive a response within the period established by law (10 days) or consider For you that the answer has been inadequate, you will also have the right to resort to the citizen service of the Spanish Data Protection Agency to claim.

The right of cancellation carries the blocking of the data at first, so that the data cease to be processed but remains available to public or judicial administrations for investigation of possible responsibilities during the period in which they were processed. In the case of data related to invoiced orders, the retention period is 6 years from the cancellation of the account or the deletion of each of these data from the client's private area ; In the case of emails subscribed only to the Zeronovewine Newsletter , the term is 2 years from the date you unsubscribe from the service. After these periods, the data will be deleted. The conservation period of the information collected through own or third-party cookies will depend on the configuration of the user's browser.
How can I get more information about privacy and data protection?
For more information about the rights of citizens in relation to the processing of their personal data, as well as for advice in the presentation of complaints and claims, or for any other question related to the aforementioned treatment, you can contact our Department Customer Service at at_cliente @ , go to Spanish Agency for Data Protection or consult the principles and obligations contained in the General data protection regulation (GDPR) .
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