Nuestra historia

Zeronovewine was born in 2020, after 10 years of intense research, with professionals from the sector but, above all, with passion and experience.

With commitment and dedication, our team has achieved professional training to ensure our clients an excellent vision of what wine represents for us.

We have been able to build more than 3 logistics bases throughout Spain such as Madrid, Seville and Malaga, a network that can cover almost the entire Spanish territory with more than 2500 restaurants, which with their loyalty accompany us up to today.

Today, November 12, 2020, because of this pandemic, which has taken us prisoner, we have decided to enter the world of the internet, entering into competition with the largest providers in history, where we have also bought wine but now we can offer our customers the best of the best, at cheaper prices than others.

We want to win this fight, but at the same time move away from the visions of the market, more global, more generic, more quantitative.

Our difference will be the quality and loyalty towards all our clients.

Wine for us is not just a drink, it is the experience of opening a new bottle, serving it in a glass, and making all the senses explode with aromas and flavors, we want our vision to be shared with everybody.

We know that in the world there are millions of wineries and for us not all of them are up to the task to make them available to you, although we respect the sacrifice and work of others, we are here to give them the possibility of not to fail them, to treasure our studies and tastings, excluding wines that we believe are not up to being part of our winery.

And we also offer our clients on-line courses in Italian, Spanish and English, which give the possibility of learning everything about wine starting from the field to tasting, with our experts in the sector, who have shared our journey with us and have guided us so far with sacrifices and successes, thank you all.

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