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We are so fascinated by the history of this place intertwined with Greek mythology that we have even called our wines after the gods of ancient Greece. Here we limit ourselves to the story of the Primitivo lost in the mists of time: it began to be marketed throughout the Mediterranean by the ancient Phoenicians and subsequently the cultivation was brought by the Greeks during the colonization of southern Italy, then Magna Graecia, in the seventh century BC. However the origin is under discussion. Some scholars were looking for a noble relationship with Bordeaux, but the Croatian grape Crljenak kaštelanski, genetically identical, makes the hypothesis of a southern Mediterranean origin the most probable. Pliny the Elder defined Manduria as a "viticulous" city, that is, full of vineyards. Such was the fame of this fine wine that in the Middle Ages the monks from the East started a decent export from the ports of Taranto, Gallipoli, Otranto and Brindisi. And it is also here that pilgrims and crusaders have given meaning to the word toast: their good wishes on their departure for the Holy Land. The first reliable evidence dates back to the second half of 1700, when Don Francesco Filippo Indellicati from Gioia del Colle noticed in great detail the characteristics of the grape and was so fascinated that he selected it and planted the first monoculture of "Primaticcio". The Murge remain a favorite land of Primitivo, but many experts agree that Primitivo finds its true soul in Manduria. Masseria Surani was born as a typical farm of the Apulian sharecropping of the early twentieth century. It remains a shining symbol against the light of the blue skies and the green expanses of the vineyards, and today it flanks the operational building of our winery. Our story began in late August 2014 with the first harvest of the 80 hectares in the heart of Manduria doc and ended in September with a celebratory dip from the golden and pristine beaches of the Ionian Sea.

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