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A passion that has been handed down for 26 generations The Antinori family has been dedicated to wine production for more than six hundred years: since, in 1385, Giovanni di Piero Antinori became part of the Florentine Art of the Vinattieri. Throughout its long history, through 26 generations, the family has always managed this business directly with innovative and sometimes courageous choices but always maintaining the respect for traditions and the territory unchanged. Today the company is chaired by Albiera Antinori, with the support of the two sisters Allegra and Alessia, who are personally involved in the company's activities. The father, Marchese Piero Antinori, is currently the Honorary President of the company. Tradition, passion and intuition were the driving qualities that led the Marquises Antinori to establish themselves as one of the main Italian producers of high quality wines. Ancient Roots Each vintage, each terrain, each idea is a new beginning, a new search for ever higher qualitative margins. As Marquis Piero likes to say: “ancient roots play an important role in our philosophy, but they have never inhibited our innovative spirit”. To the estates of Tuscany and Umbria, the family's historical heritage, investments have been added over time in other areas dedicated to the production of quality wines both in Italy and abroad, where it was possible to embark on a new path to enhance new " terroir ”with high vitivinicultural potential. Marchesi Antinori expresses its passion for viticulture seeking ever thinner margins for improvement. For this reason, continuous experiments are carried out in the vineyards and cellars with selections of native and international grape clones, types of crops, vineyard altitudes, fermentation methods and temperatures, traditional and modern winemaking techniques, different types of wood, size and age of the barrels, and varying the length of refinement in the bottle. "We have shown, over the years, that in Tuscany and Umbria there was the possibility of producing high quality wines, internationally recognized, which could show elegance and finesse while always maintaining their original character. Our library has many titles, but for we are not rich enough. We have a mission that is not completely fulfilled, which pushes us to express the vast potential of our vineyards and to reconcile the new that remains to be discovered with the heritage of Tuscan taste that includes tradition, culture, agriculture, the artistic and the literary that in fact represent the identity of the Marchesi Antinori, of which one of the greatest strengths lies in the fact of being Tuscan, or, if you prefer, our 'Tuscany'. " Piero Antinori

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